Macarrón creates unique characters that reclaim the attention of each piece and that incarnate both the universal and the unrepeatable.

We can observe the design of the bodies of the main characters: humans and animals of legs way too long to resist the weight of their heads. The figures are always portrayed on a neutral background: blue, pink, water green; and in every scene the line that cuts the vertical plan of the background with the horizontal one is the only line that we recognize as a feature of our world.

On his paintings, Macarrón creates dream-like scenarios and a world of uncommon characters that, despite their drama and deformity, bear tenderness and kindness. With a defined style and language, his drawing is fluid, fresh and harmonic. Influenced by the comic, 50’s and 60’s painting, Dubuffet, Fraile, Matta or Quirós, Macarrón is becoming a referent of today’s painting.
Winner of the BMW painting prize in 2011, he has been present in diverse countries and has participated in numerous fairs, such as Zona Maco, ArtBo, Art Miami or Art Moscow.